Friday, November 28, 2008

The Wardrobe

This happened to me when I was still in primary school and was babysitting my little brother while our parents were out. We were bored so we decided to play hide-and-seek. I became "it" and started looking for my brother. I entered my parent's bedroom and opened a wardrobe crammed full of clothes. I thrust my hand into it when immediately another hand reached out from inside and gripped mine. I tried to pull him out shouting, " come on! get out!" But he wouldn't come out no matter how hard I pulled. He was hidden behind all the clothes and didn't speak a word either, and I started wondering what was wrong with him. Just then a voice called me from behind, "what are you doing there?" It was my little brother standing in the door way. I panicked and shook myself free of the grip and we rushed out of the house together. Needless to say, I couldn't go inside again until my parents came home. What was that hand? Did it belong to a burglar, or……?

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