Friday, November 28, 2008

In the Underground

One summer night I was working late in the office with my colleague. Suddenly my colleague said, "I can you hear some strange noise, can you?" "Really? I don't hear anything," I replied. "No, I can definitely hear something, " he said. "It's like a woman sobbing…"
I stopped typing and strained my ears to listen. I still couldn't hear anything except a distant rumble in the sky…. It was thunder. Thunder was something to be afraid of. If we had a blackout all the data we have put in so far would be lost, and in the worst case scenario our motherboard could get damaged as well. We were nowhere near the end of our assignment but we decided to quit there and then and go home.

My colleague was reluctant to go home alone but we were going different directions so there was nothing I could do. We said goodbye in front of the company's building and I took Meijo line from Sakae station (*). Today's work was, as usual, demanding.. As I sighed, I heard the patter of raindrops. "Damn! It's raining. I haven't got an umbrella with me." I clicked my tongue and tried to think which convenience store was the closest to Hibino station which I was getting off at.

The train came to Kaneyama. At night all trains on the line went to Aratamabashi so I had to get off there to change. I stepped onto the platform. Then it suddenly hit me. Rain? In the underground?

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